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Cancellation Fees

  1. If a client cancels the tour for personal reasons after the conclusion of the Tour Contract, the client shall pay cancellation fees described below unless otherwise stated and clients remaining in the tour shall pay the balance of additional per room costs associated with the change in number of participants.​

If cancellation notice arrives no less than 8 days prior to the departure date of the tour- N/A

If cancellation notice arrives within 2 - 7 days prior to the departure date of the tour - 30% of the tour price

If cancellation notice arrives on the day immediately before the departure date of the tour - 40% of the tour price

If cancellation notice arrives before the departure time on the departure date of the tour - 50% of the tour price

If cancellation notice arrives on the check-in date or no cancellation notice is received - 100% of the tour price

* Timing of cancellation is based on Japan time.

2.In case of cancellation due to a credit financing issues beyond the Company's control, the client shall pay the cancellation fees specified by the Company.


3.  If a client fails to pay the tour price by the due date, the Company will consider that the client has cancelled the Tour Contract as of the day following the due date, and the client shall pay a penalty charges equal to the amount of the cancellation fees.


4.  If a client changes the departure day or a part of the itinerary such as the tour package or any transportation or accommodation due to his/her personal preferences, the Company shall consider this a cancellation of the entire tour and the Company shall charge the cancellation fees specified by the Company.

Refund of Travel Cost

  1. When the Company owes any liability to refund to a client in cases such as "tour price reduction or "if either the client or the Company has cancelled the Tour Contract, The Company shall make said refund within 7 days counting from the day after cancellation, in the case of a refund arising from cancellation before departure, and within 30 days counting from the day after the tour ends

  2. Clients or the Company can claim compensation for damages in accordance with Liability of the Company or Liability of Clients

  3. Clients shall be required to request the refund at the tour sales office where they applied for the tour within one month from the planned tour departure day.



  1. ツアー契約が締結された後、お客様が個人的理由でツアーをキャンセルした場合、別途記載のない限り、クライアントは下記のキャンセル料を支払うものとし、ツアーに残っているお客様は、参加者。

キャンセルの通知がツアーの出発日の8日以上前に到着した場合 - 該当せず

ツアーの出発日の2〜7日前にキャンセル通知が到着した場合 - ツアー価格の30%

ツアーの出発日の直前の日にキャンセル通知が到着した場合 - ツアー料金の40%

ツアーの出発日に出発時刻の前にキャンセル通知が到着した場合 - ツアー料金の50%

チェックイン日にキャンセル通知が到着した場合、またはキャンセル通知が届かない場合 - ツアー料金の100%








  1. 当社は、「旅行価格の引き下げ」等の場合に顧客に払い戻しの責任を負う場合には、顧客又は当社のいずれかが旅行契約を解除した場合には、キャンセル後の日から7日以内に払い戻しを行い、出発前にキャンセルされた場合の払い戻しの場合、およびツアー終了後30日以内

  2. 顧客または当社は、当社の責任または顧客の責任に基づいて損害賠償を請求することができます

  3. クライアントは、ツアー出発日から1ヶ月以内にツアーを申請したツアー販売店で払い戻しを要求する必要があります。

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